Brybeque Sauce

Brybeque Sauce just makes life better. We try hard to convince 99% of the population, who don't like the nasty stuff in supermarkets, that BBQ sauce CAN be enjoyed- through Brybeque. Brybeque are homemade sauces, handmade, bottled and labelled by 2 passionate BBQ sauce lovers.


Brybeque Sauce is an award winning Homemade Barbecue Sauce available to purchase.
Now available in three flavours- Original, The Hot Stuff and Brytroot.


Brybeque Sauce Recipes

Visit our recipes page for some ideas on how to cook using Brybeque Sauce.


The story behind Brybeque Sauce

Huw believes everyone has their sauce, be it Ketchup, Mayo, Sweet Chilli… the list is endless. Huw’s sauce was BBQ. Now, Huw’s sauce is Brybeque.

It all started back in 2009 when Huw Bryant embarked on his journey as an exchange student to spend a few months in University of Rio Grande, Ohio, and he discovered the real American BBQ Sauce. Instantly - his passion for BBQ Sauce began.

Over the last few years, (he’s lost count!), Huw has been trying to find the perfect BBQ sauce, first of all in supermarkets, and after a lot of disappointing results, he turned to the kitchen and to experiment with different recipes and combinations. Trial and error was essential. Finally, on the 12th of July 2015, he tasted the sauce that was bubbling away in the saucepan, and said, “Wow!”

He believed he had found a combination, that with a bit of work and modification, he would be willing to buy this sauce. Huw is from West Wales, which has the reputation of people with short arms and long pockets, i.e. he’s not too keen on parting with his money. So this is what gave Huw the next idea - “Let’s make other BBQ lovers the chance to try and buy this sauce!” … Honestly, he thought - “If I’d buy this sauce, then others would as well!”

After a year of experimenting with different ingredients, spices and flavours, Brybeque was ready for the public. Although Huw did not expect all of the paperwork that was required in order to sell the sauce, that did not stop him! With the help of his more patient girlfriend - Gwennan, they overcame all of the challenges that the paperwork requirements laid in their way. It did cause a delay, but at least we can say that Brybeque Sauce is a safe product to buy and enjoy - we’ve got all the documents to prove it!

We hope of we get BBQ sauce lovers on board, and also convert newbie’s tastebuds towards Brybeque.

We’re hoping to develop soon, and have more of a range on offer. More sauces. More flavours. More Brybeque.

Meet The Brybeque Team

These are the guys who make it happen

Huw Bryant

3 words to describe Brybeque: It’s Bottled Heaven

Brybeque is all Huw’s fault! Without his passion for satisfying his craving for the perfect BBQ sauce, Brybeque would not exist.

Best way to consume Brybeque: He prefer’s to dip/smother breaded chicken goujons in the sauce. Rarely has meal without Brybeque Beans.


Gwennan Thomas

3 words to describe Brybeque: Hygiene rating five!

Gwennan had no choice but to like BBQ to begin with, and now she’s a total convert. It used to be Mayo, but now it’s Brybeque.

Best way to consume Brybeque: She enjoys the Brybeque Beans most, but is partial to a Brybeque Wing every now and again.

Where to find Brybeque Sauce?